Diego Poggio

CEO - Founder

Originally initiated his career from the trunk of his car and established Bahia Bay Seafood along with his Father Papi and Sister Monica. Together they supplied over 800 restaurants, hotels, and country clubs.

He is currently the Founder and CEO of Star Food Product’s. Diego credits his success to his outstanding work ethic and his devotion to his family.

Dolka Poggio


She earned her Business Administration Degree is Ecuador. Later started working for one of the top shrimp exporters in her hometown of Manabí, Ecuador where she established a strong business to the United States and Europe. She met Diego Poggio, with whom she married in 1994 and now has two beautiful daughters. She is currently the President of Star Food Product’s and handles all administrative and finance operations. 

Edward Kon

Vice President

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio earned his Business Engineering and Administration Degree abroad in Ecuador. He would later move to Florida and work for a leading Human Resources Solutions company where he dealt with Fortune 500 Companies nationwide. Edward quickly developed the knowledge he would later bring to his over 15 years of success as Vice President at Star Food Product’s with his skills in leadership and sales.  

Paula Pellicer

Art Director- Social media Manager

Originally from Venezuela, Paula earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Graphic Design in 2013 from a prestigious Venezuelan University. She began to work at Star Food Product’s in 2015 as an Art’s Director but quickly grew a vast customer base through her skills in sales. She currently continues to handle the company’s Graphic Designs and also has ventured into the Seafood Sales.

Guillermo Trujillo


Guillermo started working with Star Food Product’s in 2000 as the Controller for the company. Under his leadership he helped make the great company that Star Food Product’s is today. He currently holds the position of CFO, handling all imports from all destinations as well as all of our company’s bank operations.

Monica Wyka

Sales & Marketing

Monica has worked in the seafood industry for over 30 years starting Bahia Bay Seafood with her brother Diego. Later playing a crucial role in the founding of Star Food Product’s along with Diego and Dolka Poggio. She is currently the Sales Manager for Star Food Product’s servicing accounts throughout the United States. Monica Resides in Mahopac, New York running Star Food’s New York Office. Monica is very family oriented with her husband Brian and her two grown children Andrew and Danielle.